Cross Country

What an incredible collective effort our Year 3 to 6 students put in to take out the recent SSA Cross Country Championship. We had many excellent individual results, but I think everyone would agree that the camaraderie and encouragement amongst our students was the key to our success.

“I was really nervous and then Ij ust hadto focus on running and forget about everything else”. Hugh Year 4

"You get nervous and doubt yourself and don’t think you’re going to do well. Once you start running you forget everything and feel good.” Ollie Year 4

“I was nervous at the start but once I started running,I felt good. I sprinted the last 500m to get third.” Ruby Year 5

“It was fun. I got to see my cousin. I was nervous and ran the distance I could”. Joaquin Year 4

“It was good”. Emily Year 5

“It was fun. There was a good amount of people there.” Vivie Year 5

The top six finishers from each age group, except for the 8-year-olds, progress to the Bellarine Cross Country Championships on May 25. In the past,the top ten finishers have progressed, but due to covid restrictions on event attendee numbers this year it was capped at the top six.

Congratulations to the following students who have progressed to the next round: Ollie M (1st9/10 boys), Jack D (6th9/10 boys), Ruby (3rd 9/10 girls), Hugh C (1st 11 boys), Vivie (3rd 11 girls), Macie (4th 11 girls), Scarlett O (5th 11 girls), Zion (3rd 12/13 boys), Hugo T (5th 12/13 boys) and Sasha (4th 12/13 girls). Nick won the 8-year-old boys division and Noah and Emily both finished in the top eight in their respective divisions.


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