Wellbeing News

In Wellbeing in the 3/4’s this week we have been practicing the school value of kindness, with a focus on being kind to others but also being kind to ourselves. Students listened to the story ‘Be Kind’ by Pat Zietlow Miller then created ‘Kindness Cups’.

Throughout the week, each time they were either kind to others or were kind to themselves (positive self talk, mindfulness so they are calm, doing something that makes them feel good etc) they would put a counter in their Kindness Cup. We have been encouraging students to tell each other -"that was so kind" so that they know when to go and put a counter in their cup. (eg. someone holds the door open for me -I say "that was so kind" -student puts a counter in their cup) The idea being that at the end of the week their Kindness Cups are overflowing. Mila and Theodore

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