An individualized and personalised literacy program is provided for all students.  Our literacy program incorporates explicit learning experiences that assist students to develop skills in:

  • Reading and Viewing
  • Writing
  • Speaking and Listening

Oral Language Program
Oral language is the foundation for student learning.  The use of language in all areas of the curriculum and in social settings is critical for a student’s wellbeing.  Almost all of classroom based learning relies on oral language.  Students vary in their ability to use and understand language to learn new information. At Anglesea Primary School, all students are assessed for Oral Language and are explicitly taught at their point of need to enhance their skills.


Readers and Writers Workshop Models.

The workshop models detail how we teach Reading and Writing for an hour each day. By implementing a consistent approach across the school, we are focused on improving student outcomes in Reading and Writing. The modules include use of the High Impact Teaching Strategies, which are instructional practices to increase student learning. The Models include a clear Learning Intention (so students know what they are learning and why), Success Criteria (so students know how to successfully complete tasks), Quality Tasks (to engage, inspire and challenge students) and Feedback (allowing students to reflect on their efforts to achieve their learning goals).


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