The school has an attractive uniform and it is School Policy that all children wear the uniform.  Uniforms are available from Surfcoast School Stuff in Torquay, their address is Shop 12/ 61 Surfcoast Highway, Torquay Victoria 3228  Phone: 03 5261 5665




One of our parents Evie Lander co-ordinates our Second hand Uniform shop.  She can be contact by phone 0434 844 073 or email APSuniformseconds@mail.com




School Bags can be purchased from school $55.00 (price to be confirmed)

School Hats can be purchased from school   $7.50


Before sending your child to school, please name all of your child's belongings.  ALL children's clothing, lunch box and drink bottle must be named.  It may be helpful to have some spare clothing in your child's bag during wet weather.


It is very important that students wear appropriate clothing and footwear to school to protect them.  Appropriate footwear does not include thongs or open toed sandals, as they offer no protection.

Clothing that gives protection according to the weather is advised. e.g. warm clothing for cold days and protection from the sun during warmer weather.


Students must wear the school wide brimmed hat from 1st September until the end 30th of April.  They are also encouraged to wear hats on other days that are over UV Level 3.


A explanation is required when students attend school out of uniform. 


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