Our School

Our Vision


Anglesea Primary School is a creative and fun learning environment that promotes the following values:


Respect, Responsibility, Kindness and Collaboration.

Students will strive to achieve their personal best and become independent and resilient learners who make a positive contribution to the community and the environment.


Our Values & Ethos


To provide a supportive, caring and sustainable learning environment for powerful learning that is individualised and personalised whilst taking into account the emotional and social wellbeing of all students, staff, families and community.  Our school has a state of the art learning facility that is designed to improve student outcomes and enhance our active engagement with the local community.


Our school has an open-door culture that encourages parents and community involvement and allows our students to participate in a wide range of programs and special events within our community. Parents and members of the wider community play an important role in the school and their participation is actively encouraged. A strong focus on wellbeing is firmly established with opportunities for all to achieve success in learning.


The focus of our teaching and learning is on personalised learning where students understand themselves as learners whilst seeking to attain skills in all areas of the Victorian Curriculum. Learning opportunities are provided and supported through inquiry based learning, digital learning tools, experiences that cater for a variety of learning styles and abilities, attention to the individual needs of all students and the provision of a collaborative and cooperative learning environment with links to our local community. To support curriculum, a wide range of enrichment programs are provided.


To enhance the quality of teaching and learning, we have specifically focussed on implementing whole school initiatives to improve student outcomes in terms of academic achievement and wellbeing.  These include a consistent approach to teaching Reading, Writing and Maths across the school and using the Department of Education initiatives of Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships as well as School Wide Positive Behaviour Support to enhance student wellbeing.  We also focus on developing effective teams and provide time for teams of teachers to plan together to successfully implement our teaching and learning programs.


Staff have a shared understanding of pedagogy and school ethos and are focussed on continually improving their professional knowledge and professional practice, professional engagement leading to improved student outcomes.

The intent of our strategic plan is to promote high expectations in implementing the key improvement strategies listed in order to attain the best possible outcomes for our entire learning community.


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